Allure Lingerie


Allure Lingerie launched in 1993, well over 25 years ago. Since that time, the brand has made itself known as a trendsetter for intimate apparel. Lifestyle Distributing offers a wide selection of this company's products and accessories from across Allure's multiple lines. On you will find a broad selection from their Adore Intimates and Kitten collections, your customers' next favorites.

Allure customers make no apologies for their thoughts, feelings, sexuality and fantasies. This personality profile lends itself to the brand's lines, with each piece they design evoking a "Rock chique vibe" of sexiness and wild hearted appeal. Despite the collections' edginess, designs also infuse a certain irresistible softness for a cool, yet rule-breaking customer persona. Overall, each style resonates with women who break the rules to create their own path, seeing the world from a unique lens and through which she chooses to self-indulge for her ultimate happiness.

Allure pieces also tell a story beyond their inherent sexiness. Styling makes the wearer the star of each fantasy. The brand asks its customers, "Who do you want to be today?" Using this theme and the brand philosophies, designers work to ignite the senses and entice mind-body exploration.

Allure is widely known by customers throughout the United States, Australia, Europe and their home country of Canada.

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