Mistress - Ball Stretcher Trainer Set With Leash

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Got a sub who needs some serious training? This Ball Stretcher Trainer Set exerts total control over a cock of choice, and gives very literal (and very kinky) meaning to the phrase 'leading him around by the balls.' 

From the Mistress Series by professional domme Isabella Sinclaire, the Stretcher Set includes three distinctly sized faux leather cock harnesses in small, medium and large plus a leash. Wrap a chosen size around his balls, being careful to position it toward the top of the scrotum where it won't crush anything. Once it's in place, attach the included leash through the rings on each hanging strap. Give the leash a good tug as a not-so-gentle reminder of who's in charge.

In sexy black faux leather, the Mistress Ball Stretcher Trainer Set can be spot cleaned as needed.

* Harness diameters measure 1" (2.5cm), 1.5" (3.8cm) and 2" (5.1cm). Leash length is 37" (94cm)

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