L'Entre Cuisse Multi Positions Device

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Let's go straight to the point... this product is made to either enlarge the opening of the vagina and the vaginal canal or to find the G spot. Its first function: it is placed at the entrance of the vagina to spread the labia and also widen the vaginal canal, offering easier penetration and making the clitoris more accessible, it is multi-position, it takes all the forms you give it.

Its second function: it goes deeper inside the vagina and then reaches the G spot. L’Entre-Cuisse is comparable to a tutor, which holds in the right place what needs to be held in place.

Being made of metal on the inside and silicone on the outside, its tension is sufficient to keep all the shapes it is given. When it is installed to reach the G-spot, as you can see on the graph, it is simply a matter of using your hand to apply small downward pressures. L’Entre-Cuisse is a versatile, durable and simple product that requires neither motor nor batteries to operate.

Length: once deployed 33cm (13’’)
Diameter: from 7mm (.27’’) à 1cm (.39’’)
Made of: metal inside– silicone outside

Placed at the entrance of the vagina for pronounced clitoral access and easier penetration.
Fits inside the vagina for G-spot stimulation.

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