Embrace Masturbator

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Doubles Orifices ... Doubles Pleasures!
Embrace was designed to give you the choice of using one of two distinct orifices: the first is like a vagina with the same internal forms as a real one and a sensation as close as possible to a woman. The second is identical to a mouth with its deep throat and realistic tongue.
FleshClone, The Mirror of the Human Skin
Embrace is totally safe, it is made of quality silicone, similar to the one used in the professional world of medicine. Its interior is soft and supple as natural skin.
Super strong suction cup and RotoFlex system, an effective combination!
Its ultra-adherent suction base fits on any smooth surfaces and holds strongly in place. Moreover, its angle is totally adjustable from 0 ° to 90 ° thanks to its RotoFlex system.
Embrace 360 Degrees - 100% Contact
The interior of Embrace extends to surround you completely, it engulfs you, it takes everything and adapts to all dimensions of penis.
Embrace in your couple
Embrace is not only for individual masturbation! The suction base comes off to make it a masturbator that your partner can handle for you.

Why would you buy Embrace by Vivilo rather than anything else?
Here's what's often missing with other similar products or those you've probably tried;
1- The generally high price of these devices, Embrace sells below $ 100.
2- They are not as well covered as the Embrace guarantee, which is 5 years.
3- Their case does not protect enough, unlike that of Embrace it is solid and protects perfectly the precious FleshClone.
4- Their material is not so soft and can cause allergies; Embrace is a professional-grade silicone similar to the one used in medicine.
5- Often limited by unpredictable mechanisms, while Embrace RotoFlex Pivot-Suction system ensures the most comfortable position.

The non-human list of products that are so evolved and so close to nature is extremely short. Overall its design, the way he touches your penis, Embrace, is like rediscovering his own penis. I'm sure you're no stranger to really great sex and at the same time you want to know your own body, that’s exactly what Embrace does, it awakens pleasure receptors on the entire surface of the penis, these pleasures you may not even think were available. This is certainly the most satisfying masturbating experience you will ever have had from your own hand or from the hand of someone else and even from a mouth! Whenever you use Embrace, you'll feel as if you've done something really good and enjoyable to you, a kind of total satisfaction, a profound orgasm that really makes a man full of happiness !

In conclusion
Embrace the Orgasm-Masturbator for men by Vivilo, doesn’t lack of innovative features like; its exclusive FleshClone texture, its Pivot-Suction system RotoFlex and its exceptional guarantee of 5 years. All this ensures pleasure, comfort, safety and efficiency. Thank you and congratulations for choosing Embrace, you have made an excellent choice.

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