The 9's Glass Thins Elliptical Glass Plug

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Smooth and clear and over 7" long, this sexy piece with alternating ovals and rounds, is perfect for both internal and external stimulation. Watch each of its perfectly hygienic borosilicate glass shapes "disappear," and for real fun try some temperature play as well! There's nothing like First Glass, only from Icon Brands. Starter glass at a startling price! 


    • Brilliant, Hygienic Glass
    • Ovals and Rounds for "Bead-Like" Fun!
    • Wide Flange for Safe Insertion
    • Perfectly Clear for Sexy Viewing! 
    • Easy-Clean, Non-Porous Surface. 


       Color: Clear
       Material: Borosilicate Glass
       Attributes: Great Starter Size; Sexy, Ovals & Rounds
       Product Size: 7.5 L" x .75" W     
       Weight: 6.5 oz

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