Shunga - Organica Kissable Massage Oil - Almond Sweetness

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Made with certified organic ingredients

This “Organic” massage oil features a blend of certified organic refined vegetable oils infused with the succulent flavours. No chemical process is used during the growth of plants neither in the refining process. Note: Sometimes the appearance of oil may be clear or blurred. This is due to natural process that depends on atmospheric conditions during plant growth. It is flavored with a delicious flavor of "Sweet Almond" rather than a fragrance. This gives it a delicious taste and makes it 100% edible. It is ideal to enable you to savor all the body parts without aftertaste. It enhances the natural moisture of skin while providing a very smooth texture for sensual massages with touches of long duration.

  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • 100% natural cold-pressed oils
  • Non greasy
  • Won't clog pores
  • Contains no mineral or animal oil

The sensual pleasure of touching and being touched quickly heats up with this luscious oil that glides over the skin like silk.

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