Sensuva – XO Pleasure Kit

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The XO Kisses & Orgasms Pleasure Kit from Sensuva is the perfect mini kit for your pleasure. Packaged in an adorable tin box, the kit includes 1 bottle of the ON for Her Natural Arousal Oil, and 1 tube of Strawberry Buzzing Lip Balm!

The ON Natural Arousal Oil increases orgasm intensity when applied, as well as orgasm duration and frequency.

The Strawberry Buzzing Lip Balm is infused with pheromones to turn you on while feeling a buzzing tingling sensation on the lips.

Key Features:

- XO Kisses & Orgasms Pleasure Kit

- Includes 1 ON Natural Arousal Oil and 1 Strawberry Buzzing Lip Balm

- Tin package

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