Personal Trainer Life Size Inflatable Doll Shy Camilla

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At one point or another, everyone has had a thought about getting busy with their hot personal trainer. Now, you can act out that fantasy with incredible detail using the lifelike Personal Trainer Love Dolls.

Shy Camilla is a sexy blonde with piercing green eyes. Her soft, supple, vibrating features are all you'll ever need for a wild time while you let her confident, realistic features please you.
Hot Lucy Features:
• 3D Rotocasted Head with Realistic Hair and Eyelashes
• Perky Breasts with Erect Nipples
• Lifelike Feet and Hands with Painted Nails
• Realistic Vagina and Anus which is Removable for Easy Cleaning
• Talc-Free Powder
• A Pump for Inflating
• Strong Vibrating Bullet with Hand Controls
• Vinyl Repair Kit
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