Miss On the Go Rechargeable

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Designed in Canada
Quiet & Water Resistant
iOS & Bluetooth
5 Years Warranty
Patent Pending

Miss On the Go ™ is a sex toy combining utility and pleasure. Far beyond
proving it's users with a new generation of erotic experience - provided
by the mobile App - these vibrating Kegel Balls enable women
to tone their pelvic muscles and improve their overall health.

Miss On the Go TM uses Bluetooth 4.0
low-energy technology
Battery is rechargeable with USB
Medical grade silicone
ABS Plastic
Rechargeable Lithium battery
Non Toxic
Easy to clean

5 settings: Low, Medium, High, Pulse & Wave

Total length (including 100 mm cord):
200 mm
Width Min-Max: 34 mm - 36 mm
The mobile App controls the three main functions of
Miss On the Go TM .
1. My Own Pleasure
Woman controls the vibration of her own device.
2. Strong is the New Skinny
A light vibration allows surrounding pelvic muscles to contract
and relax.
1 cycle = 10 secs = 5 secs of contraction followed by 5 secs of
1 session = 10 cycles of 10 seconds
3. Let the Games Begin
The Game is linked to Miss VV's Social Media Community.
Miss On the Go TM 's vibrating Kegel Balls facilitate the
execution of Kegel exercises while making them more
Advantages to Kegel exercises:
• Helps the pelvic muscles recovery process after
• Prevents urinary incontinence: leaking and loss of
bladder control
• Prevents prolapse (falling of internal organs such as
bladder, uterus and bowel)
• Increases intensity and frequency of orgasm
(multiple orgasms)
Participants are invited to create an anonymous profile. The
power of choice is strictly reserved to women who may invite a
partner to start a Game. Woman then relinquishes full control of
her own toy to her partner. According to their desires, players
may exchange photos and texts during a Game. With the tips of
their fingers, women can indicate their level of satisfaction via
the Pleasure Indicator.

Additional information
Protocol: This device is compliant with Bluetooth LE 4.0, 2402 to 2480 MHz.
Power: TX effective isotropic radiated power is expected to be under -10 dBm.
Antenna: Antenna is custom, and gain is expected to be under 0 dBi.

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