Lux Fetish Over the Door Cross

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Ready for some very sexy (and very consensual, of course!) compromising positions? The Over The Door Cross cuff set from Lux Fetish was designed to help you do just that. Holding yourself or your partner in a submissive spread-eagle, ready and waiting up against a door, the Cross includes four soft and adjustable velcro cuffs plus an X shaped stabilizer strap. 

Fitting over most standard and doors, the Cross's four sturdy plastic bar hooks need simply to be placed over top of and underneath the door before it's shut. The straps are adjustable, and there are eight possible connector O-rings for the included swivel cuffs.
Pro tip: always set the Over The Door Cross on the 'closed' or interior room side of the door to prevent any possible mishaps caused by the door opening!

Providing tons of versatile play possibilities, the Cross' universal hardware offers compatibility with tons of bondage accessories, likewise, the cuffs can be enjoyed independent of the Cross. Cuffs adjust to fit most wrist/ankle sizes. Nickel free.

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