Glass Stars Anatus

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Enter the fascinating world of Glass Star, where elegance and special attention to detail is always adhered to, and to ensure pleasure is always reached. At the top of their field, the Glass Star collection is made from Pyrex, a highly recommended quality glass. The Glass Star collection is made from hypoallergenic glass having a smooth texture, non-porous, odorless and body safe material. If cared for properly, your Glass Star will last forever. The glass is specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures and minor bumps while being manufactured. To add to your play, you can run warm water or cool water over your glass wand. You may also put the Glass Star in the freezer to give it a more icy effect.  The temperature you desire is yours to discover. When inserted, your body will automatically grab a hold. Your body will do its best to change the temperature of the Glass Star wand. The Glass Star Collection is compatible with all types of lubricants and since the glass is non-porous, cleaning is done in a snap. 

Now we present you Culus! This is the big brother of Anatus. Culus was designed for the experienced anal player. Its larger smooth bulb will slide into your orifice and stimulate the P-Spot. Round handle is used to easily control Culus.

  • Tip to Handle (Total Length) – 5 7/8” (14.92cm)
  • Tip to Top of Handle (Slightly Curved) – 4” (10.16cm)
  • Bulb Length – 2.25” (5.71cm)
  • Bulb Diameter – 1.75” (4.44cm)
  • Shaft under Bulb (Length) – 1.75” (4.44cm)
  • Shaft Diameter (Widest Point) – 7/8” (2.22cm)
  • Handle Diameter – 1.75” (4.44cm)
  • Handle Thickness – 0.5” (1.27cm)
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