FleshJack Boys - Brent Corrigan

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You might think you’ve felt pleasure before, but it doesn’t compare with what our replica of Brent’s huge cock will do to you! Made with the highest quality, platinum cured silicone. Length from base to tip: 8.75" including balls. Insertable length: 7" excluding balls. Circumference at base of shaft: 5.5".

Brent Corrigan (real name Sean Paul Lockhart) was one of the first FleshJack Boys and is still one of the best-selling. His true-to-life dildo is a whopping 8.75” and is curved to hit you in just the right spot.

Corrigan was born on Halloween – October 31, 1986 – making him a Scorpio. He’s 5’7”, and when he started out in gay porn, he weighed around 125lbs. These days, he’s closer to 165lbs, and all of it’s muscle! His naturally high metabolism requires him to really work on keeping on the weight. No matter what his age or weight, though – he’s always been one of the most loved and lusted after stars in the business.

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