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CLICLI, source of pride from the prestigious Vivilo Collection made for women. Safe and powerful, it is made of ABS plastic coated with silicone with 3 speeds and 10 different intensities and two motors. CLICLI's practical design makes it easy to handle, its size is ideal for both strong and delicate hands. CLICLI is an innovative 2 in 1 device: on one side it is a clitoral stimulator and on the other a conventional vibrator. The clitoral stimulation is unique; it is transmitted by the motion of puffed waves, it's like a perfect marriage between suction and breath, nothing to do with standard vibrators. It is therefore possible to stimulate the clitoris without having any discomfort or real direct contact, which leads you very quickly and repeatedly to clitoral orgasms. CLICLI is also a conventional vibrator, because on the other side of the device, is a vibrator of excellent quality with several speeds…CLICLI leaves no one on her appetite. CLICLI, another Vivilo product, offering such a perfected balance between comfort, efficiency and price. Phthalate free, odourless and rechargeable, no more need for batteries. CLICLI is unique and it’s a gift given with joy and total peace of mind including a full guarantee of 1 Year.

Made of ABS plastic and silicone, odourless, phthalate and anti-allergenic

3 speeds and 10 intensities

Handy, easy to use

Comes with a USB cable

For peace of mind all Vivilo products are guaranteed for 1 year.

Having a harmless appearance, it’s an easy gift offered without discomfort

Splash proof only. This is a tendency to have a submersible device, but CLICLI is only waterproof, so it means that it is washed with water, but cannot be immersed in water.
Noisier compared to our other model CLITOPIA No.V0128

Weight of the device: 149gr
Size of the device: 160mm x 40mm
Noise level: about 50db
Autonomy: about 90 minutes
Charge time: 90 minutes

Vivilo ... Prestige - Confidence - Reliability - Affordability


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