Calexotics - Her Royal Harness- The Crotchless Empress

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A commanding play essential fit for strap-on royalty, the premium Empress provides sturdy pleasure-ready stability, penetrator versatility and a unique crotchless design easy to get into and out of.

Holding comfortably around the waist, a thicker vegan leather band buckles to a perfect fit as two thin straps reach around to loop under each cheek. Simply tug the strap ends to adjust sizing. Set mid yoke, a rigid 2" (5cm) metal O-ring secures a dildo or vibe of choice into place. Just about any toy with a flanged base can be slipped through the ring and steadied into position.

In soft PP material, the Empress can be spot-cleaned as needed. Nickel free.

* The Empress fits up to 59" (149.75cm) hips. Included O-ring is 2" (5cm)

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